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Taking Your Place in God’s Story of Redemption

Colossians 4:5-6

Pastor Luke Tanis

Paul, as he brings his letter to a close now turns the focus from his role in God’s redemptive plan to their role. 


Paul shifted his focus from praying for the Word to have a door opened, for him to proclaim the mystery of Christ in vs. 4. “As I ought to speak”, this was essential for Paul. 


Paul now shifts in 5-6, calling all believers to find their place in God’s unfolding plan of salvation.

The great commission does not just apply to pastors. The great commission, the urgency to share the gospel applies to everyone! 

Paul reminds the Colossians that they to have an obligation, a task to share. 

There is a key shift that takes place here and has significant implications on everyone of your lives. 

In vs. 4 Paul is almost treating the Colossians as the audience at a performance or show. You can cheer on the main character, applaud, watch and be amazed but that’s about it.

Now in vs. 5-6 he invites everyone of us to the stage. We are all given a role to play, specifically prepared for everyone of us. Your place in God’s redemptive story.  

The question is will you play your part? A Custom designed plan to include you in His grand story. You, (regardless of your background, anxieties, failures, fears) God is inviting you to the stage and calling you to boldly proclaim His grand plan of salvation.  


Upward living leads to an outward focus.


Big Idea: Believers are called to understand and embrace their role in God’s plan of redemption. 


You embrace your role in God’s plan of redemption in two ways.  

1. Embrace God’s plan of redemption by living wisely

A. Prioritize your time in light of others

“People who make disciples are willing to radically rearrange their lives ... and ask others to do the same.”- Mark Dever

B. Prioritize your time in light of eternity. 

One of Paul’s great motivations in his letters is the urgency that should define the lives of believers. The urgency that Christ could return at any moment. This should always move us to action when we consider the return of Christ. 


2. Embrace God’s plan of redemption by speaking wisely.

A. Your Speech should be characterized by Grace 

B. Your Speech should be characterized by Discernment. 

What role are you playing? We saw last week that it begins with Prayer. But is that it for you? Have you rejected God’s invitation? If so, let this passage serve as a wake up call. Not only are you called to take your place in God’s story but there is a great urgency because you don’t know when your part of the story will end.  you don’t know when your character will be written out of the story and you don’t know when the curtain will close. 

Embrace your role, let your life display the power, the beauty of the gospel. Let your conversations be full of grace, pointing every person you meet to Christ  

Your time, your speech are limited. You only have so much time on this earth, so many conversation before you part in the story here on earth is finished. Use them wisely and only God knows what great things He has for us here in Malta! 

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