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Error and Greed

1 Timothy 6:2c-10

Stephan van Niekerk


What is truth?

   John 4:24

I. Error vs. Truth

 A. Error -"if anyone teaches otherwise"

     1. The nature of false teaching

           a. obsessed with disputes

           b. arguments over words

     2. Character of false teachers

            a. proud

            b. knowing nothing

            c. men of corrupt minds

            d. destitute of the truth

      3. Error in the modern day

              example: the prosperity gospel


      4.  Results of false teaching

            a. envy, strife

            b. reviling, disputes

            c.  evil suspicions, useless wranglings

II. Greed vs. Contentment

 A. Connection between false teachers and greed

 B. Connection between truth and contentment

      1. Godliness with contentment is great gain

      2. Truth helps us realize that we need to let go of possessions

      3. Truth helps us realise that we should be content with the                      basics

      4.  Truth helps us realise that we should not desire to be rich.


 -God is concerned with how we worship

 - True worshippers worship in the context of truth

 - Christians need to avoid error

 - The love of money/greed is extremely dangerous

 - We should be godly and content

 - Error and greed lead to loss

 - Truth and contentment are gain



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