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Two Ways to Live

Habakkuk 2:4-20 

Pastor Luke Tanis –   12th March 2023

God’s glory ought to influence all we do. 


How does God’s glory influence us? 

3 ways God’s glory influences us. 

1. God’s Glory is the foundation for faithful living. 

A. The Path of Faith. 

B. The Path of Pride.


2. God’s Glory is Knowable.

A. The Plan for God’s Glory 

God’s glory is the sum of all His attributes. 

B. The Plan for False Glory 

3. God’s Glory demands a proper response. 

A. Our Creations are worthless to worship 

B. Our Creator is worthy of worship


There are two ways to live. 

The path of the proud and the path of faith. 

Which path are you on? 


Have you personally come to know the Glory of God? 

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