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The Bible Baptist Church Malta
Upper Room Accessibility Project

The Upper Room Project began in August 2017. With the Lord's guidance and provisions, much of the major works of the building project are progressing well. Our Sunday services are now held in the refurbished upstairs sanctuary room, which allows us to host more people than our current downstairs setup.

Several smaller-scale projects exist in and around our church building area. We have put together a short video that shows and explains what these projects are. Through this video, you may feel the Lord's calling for you to contribute towards these specific needs. 

To summarise, the smaller-scale projects include:

  • The installation of gates for the new car park. 

  • Ground floor and upstairs bathroom fixtures and toilets. 

  • Tiling for the entrance area.

  • Street-level doors.

  • Aluminium railings for the courtyard and entrance areas.

If you would like to give towards the Upper Room Accessibility Project, scroll down below the video for information. 

BBCM front entry photo May 2021.jfif

"... And they said, Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work." | Nehemiah 2:18b

Persons based in Europe who want to donate to the Upper Room Project can visit our Give page. There you will find details on how to give.

If you are giving a gift from North America, you can do so through Baptist Mid-Missions:

  • Search for "Josh and Erica Burrill" or "Joe and Jenny Mifsud".

  • When entering your credit card details, in the "Notes" section, write "Malta Building Project". 

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